This film is financed with a crowdfunding campaign on startnext:

Crowdfunding Page for Friend or Enemy

The money will be used to hire equipment, pay the travel expenses and the advertising efforts. The whole team works without payment and the crowdfunding money will only cover parts of the expenses. The rest will be paid by myself. The final film will be available as Video on Demand and can be watched for a small fee. The film will be in German with English subtitles.

There exist already several shorter documentaries about dogs dealing with certain issues such as pedigree dogs, illegal puppy trade etc. But until now there is no feature film which fathoms all facets of the human-dog-relationship. This gap is supposed to be filled by “Friend or Enemy” which will have a length of 60-90 minutes.

The film aims to clarify the relationship between human and dog. Dog owners and lovers are supposed to reflect about the connection to their pets. And people who are opposed to dogs are supposed to understand that dogs and humans belong together for more than 15.000 years so they are not a needless and annoying hobby or an article of luxury.


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