New interview partner

We welcome a new interview partner: the lawyer Lars Weidemann is the co-chairman of the registered association “Hund und Halter e.V.” (dog and owner), one of the oldest and biggest dogowner associations in Germany. We want to talk with him about the judical and fiscal discrmination of dog owners and about the anti-dog media campaigns of the last 10-15 years which led to a bad image of dogs in our society and to tightened laws including “fighting dog lists”.

The wolves are coming

I am very pleased to announce, that we have the permission to shoot in the Wolf Science Center in Austria. We will make an interview with the founder and head of the WSC, Prof. Kurt Kotrschal, who is the author of several books about dogs and the relationship between humans and animals, thus he is the perfect partner for our film.

The journey to Austria together with accommodation and camera rental will cost a lot of money, so we need your support to help us realize a beautiful film project.




The first steps…

are made. Some people have already supported our crowdfunding project and the first interview partners are set: the well-known Austrian population geneticist  Prof. Dr. Irene Sommerfeld-Stur ( and Dr. Andrea Meisser, president of the Swiss  Albert-Heim-Stiftung ( and vice president of the institute for the interdisciplinary research on the human-animal-relationship  ( We will start shooting the film in April.