The project team consists of the director of the film, Ruth Stolzewski, the camera operator Julian Kazmierczak and the sound recordist and editor Ronny Müller.


I am the project starter Ruth Stolzewski. I keep dogs for many years already and work as a freelancing film director. In the last years I have produced several films about dogs, which have tens of thousands of views on Youtube. More information about me and my films can be found here (only in German, but some of my films have English subtitles).


I already shot several films with my camera operator Julian Kazmierczak. He contributed to many short films, documentaries and motion pictures. Julian loves dogs, but right now he only has a “part-time-dog”. Here you can see his showreel:


I also know Ronny Müller for a long time. We have studied together on a film school in Berlin and we have also worked together on several film projects. Ronny loves cats but he also gets on very well with dogs. That’s his showreel:

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